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Day trip

Takaragawa Sanso(Day trip facilities in Takaragawa Onsen)
TEL0278-75-2614 (Phone number of Day trip)
TEL0278-75-2611 (Telephone number of Takaragawa Onsen 0senkaku)
Open time / 10:00〜14:00
Price / 1500 yen per adult, 1000 yen per child (Includes our original bath dresses)
・ Rental bath towel 100 yen
・ Face towel sales 200 yen
Parking lot Passenger car 150 units  10 large vehicles  (parking lot free)
※ Rotenburo and gardens are common with accommodation facilities
※ There is a private large public bath.
Rest area Open time / 10:00〜16:00
Restaurant(Takaragawa-sansou Restaurant)Open time / 10:00〜15:30
Souvenir shop Open time / 10:00〜15:30

From April 1st, 2019, Takaragawa Saso (Day trip facilities in Takaragawa Onsen) would like to change our rules at mixed gender baths and Admission Fee. We decided to introduce bath dresses for men to cover their body because recently international guests increased and we also got many requests from women and families. Admission is also changing like that below. We thank you very much for your cooperation to get any gests to use our mix gender baths with fun safely.

<the old fee>
1500 yen per adult, 1000 yen per child
<the new fee from April 1st, 2019>
2000 yen per adult, 1000 yen per child includes our original bath dresses
We are not allowed to use your bath dresses and towels

You sincerely, President Yoshio Ono

How to go from Tokyo station to Takaragawa Onsen

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